We Build Animal Health
We build animal health by providing innovative, 100% natural, Species-Specific Probiotics to pet food & livestock feed manufacturers.

We are a business with a passion to be, and do, better. We want the best health for pets and livestock – backed by science.  We started at a small lab at the University of Alberta, and today we are known for quality, experience, and vision.

We are Species-Specific. The Probiotics we offer have been isolated from their host species and tested to optimize their contribution to overall animal health. We offer multiple inclusion methods for pet food and livestock feed. Our Probiotics can be delivered via feed, liquid, or applied as top-dress

We provide customer support services to collaborate with our customers to help them determine the best solution for their pet food or livestock feed Probiotic requirements.

Building Gut Health Through The Microbiome

The Microbiome is a community of microorganisms living together. The Gut Microbiome is the microbial population residing in the intestine. It consists of billions of bacteria and other organisms that co-exist in the large intestine.

These microorganisms include both desirable and undesirable bacteria unique to each species. All animals, pets & livestock thrive when they have a balanced gut Microbiome. Gut Microbiota helps with digestion, metabolism, immune function, and brain function.

Species-Specific Probiotics can help balance the gut Microbiome of pets & livestock and positively impact health. The Gut Microbiome can be disrupted by several factors, negatively impacting health.

Studies confirm the use of Species-Specific Probiotics support and maintain this gut “ecosystem” — the Microbiome.

Species-Specific Probiotics bolster the immune system in pets and help inhibit pathogen growth in livestock, reducing the use of antibiotics.

Use of Human Derived Probiotics v/s Species-Specific Probiotics

1 Parameters Human Derived Probiotics Used in Animal Foods/Treats/Livestock Feeds/Supplements Canbiocin Species-Specific Probiotics Used in Animal Foods/Supplements/Treats
2 GI physiology Uncertain ability to adapt to host species-specific GI physiology Proven palatability, safety and ability to survive gastric digestion, located in the large intestine (adhere and colonize) and proliferate
3 Dietary habits Uncertain ability to adapt to host species specific dietary habits Proven ability to “shift” Microbiome microbial populations
4 Ability to Colonize Uncertain ability to adhere and colonize to host intestinal epithelial cell lining Proven preferable health effects
• Increased production of SCFA (short-chain fatty acids)
• Positive impacts include defense against pathogenic bacteria, reduced infection, reduced inflammation, increased nutrient absorption, immunomodulation.
5 Dietary habits Unknown health effects Proven positive effect on gut epithelial barrier function
6 Immune system effects Unknown Immune system effects Proven positive impact on interleukin (cytokine) production which regulates immune response


Add the Strength of Our Probiotics
Add the strength of our probiotics to your pet food formulation and your livestock feed formulation
  • Bolster pet's immune system
  • Dietary nutrients more readily available
  • Help protect against bacteria causing major gastrointestinal illnesses.
  • Increase performance and profitability by improving nutrient uptake
  • Reduce the use of antibiotics in food animals
  • Reduce the impact of production stresses
Why us
  • 1. Species-Specific Focus
  • 2. Clean labelling – avoid use of chemicals or antibiotics to control pathogens in food preparations
  • 3. ‘Label integrity’ – viable Probiotics in food/treats/supplements
  • 4. Ability to incorporate into existing manufacturer production lines
  • 5. Proprietary & science based
  • 6. Regulatory compliant across North America

  • 1. We Are 100% Natural with no added GMO's
  • 2. Our Products meet North American standards and Health Canada has provided recognition under VHP program
  • 3. Our probiotics are produced under strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality system to ensure consistency and high quality in our products.
  • 4. We are AAFCO approved. Our probiotics are monitored closely to ensure uniform quality.